Creating change around bystander behavior in sexual abuse


Our Mission: Creating awareness, education and change in how we view bystander behavior, especially in the area of sexual abuse, and empowering those who are bystanders to abuse to dare to speak up in defense of survivors.  Through legislative action, educational programs, social media and cultural awareness, we aim to create a world where bystanders are empowered to stand up – not stand by – in the face of sexual assault and abuse.  

Our End Goals:  Reforming the Statute of Limitations laws in Rape and Child Sexual Abuse (, Ending the Rape Kit Backlog nationwide (, advocating for state mandated, age appropriate sexual abuse curriculum in public schools (www.ErinsLaw).

We are ALL bystanders - but do we stand by or STAND UP?  It is what we do that makes all the difference.  Bystander behavior is a critical part of the system that supports rape and abuse – but it has the potential be part of the SOLUTION. We need to use our voices to CHANGE THE CULTURE!


We are proud to feature our first in our monthly series of interviews with people who are making a difference by being vocal, passionate UPSTANDERS around issues they are passionate about....this is how we change the culture and change the world!

Click here for our interview of Elizabeth Rosner talking about trauma language and why we must stand up...